I recently read an interesting article from Ryan Schleeter (Greenpeace USA) titled “Art is essential to activism”. It describes the confrontation between Greenpeace, a tuna-fishing company based in Thailand and the use of creativity as weapon agains their egregious practices.

Art by Aaron Staples

The article deepens out that activism is not only a matter of (brutal) force but it can also entail more subtile approaches. Please read the original Blog post here.


Sustainica can also be seen as a form of activism as we simply taking action to effect social change. And especially the following paragraph is interesting as it strongly relates with the idea of Sustainica: “Art and activism are both built on exposing the truth. Art in particular has the ability to convey powerful messages across the linguistic and cultural barriers that so often divide us.”

Pointing a finger and telling people how they should behave is one approach. Another one is the use of creativity and culture as a transmitter of the message. During the development of Sustainica and the definition of our objectives – to inform and inspire consumers on sustainable living and consumption – we came to the idea to involve artists and designers in the concept as they allow us to connect with the visitors on a more emotional level. In terms of advocating changes I think it is crucial that the message gets through to the receiver and leave a (long) lasting impression. Emotions play an important role to achieve this.

With the creation of an appealing concept that involves commercial parties for the fair (businesses, startups, designers) combined with the aesthetic qualities of contemporary art, the next step was finding a suitable content partner. Continue reading.

On 30 Nov. this year the NRW-Forum organised the annual press conference and announced its program for the year 2016 and also what they have in mind with Planet B. This press release first appeared on the website of the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf (German).