Accelerator vs incubator vs company builder

Clear representation of the differences between accelerator vs incubator vs company builder. The frameworks offer great ways to grow their businesses but they differ in their approach and it’s up to you where you need to start.

Marmer-acc-inc-bb2 by Alexander Bergfeld.png

(Image credits: Alexander Bergfeld)

Alexander Bergfeld

In the last blog posts I explained why corporates have to review their business models and need to innovate, adapt and overcome the challenges of new business contexts.

One way to do so is through Business Incubators / Business Accelerators.

But what are they and where do they differ? And what makes them different from company builders such as Rocket Internet, Venture Stars or Rheingau Founders?

Accelerators & incubators

The goal of an incubator, as in the meaning of the Latin word “incubare” is to hatch a business from the very start and nurture its first steps. This can be put into context in terms of helping a freshly created venture in its very first business steps and escorting the young company through its very fragile early developmental stages.

Incubator in regards to Marmer stages

A business accelerator provides the framework, tools and methods as well as access to knowledge, which a…

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