Learning the basics

On the 9th of March our team of the Sustainable Startup Program will be hosting CSR Hub NRW — a series of workshops about the basic elements of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Factory Campus in Düsseldorf.

The event is especially interesting for startup entrepreneurs (to be) from various industries and people with an interest in sustainable business. What to expect — a practical introduction to topics related to social, ecological and responsible entrepreneurship as well as innovative business models.

kerbholz_madeincologne_wearecity_koeln-17During the workshop Moritz Blees, co-founder of the successful Cologne based startup Kerbholz will share his insights into their Business & Revenue Model (they make wrist watches and sunglasses out of wood) and our team will moderate a topic about the Sustainable Business Model Canvas. We will elaborate on the canvas building blocks social costs and social benefits — an interesting theme for my next post. I’m also very excited that we managed to join forces with the CSR Hub — an initiative of the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP). In 2016 I had the opportunity to work with CSCP during the Sustainica conference.

I believe that the workshop offers a great opportunity to get familiar with the CSR-basics and is free of charge (taught in German). And our team has the opportunity to advocate sustainable business practices among startup entrepreneurs in the region. Feel free to join us on the 9th in Düsseldorf!

A fresh start

Whoosh… time flies when so many things are taking place. Several months have passed since the successful edition of Sustainica & Planet B. The Sustainica project was a personal milestone as it gave me lots of experiences to reflect on as well as new opportunities and ideas.


For 2017 the focus of the Sustainable Lifestyle Initiative is to contribute to conscious entrepreneurship, sustainable development and environmental matters. I partly do that by publishing stories on this blog and through the temporary assignment I currently work on  – the Sustainable Startup Program. Why these topics in particular? After some years in the private sector I developed a personal and professional interest in these fields and some of these experiences I’d like to share with you.

My next post will be about an exiting trip we made to Bukit Lawang in north Sumatra. Stay tuned!

Sustainica 2016 in retrospect

Sustainica is a fact and we are very happy that we brought this 1st edition to ‪#Düsseldorf! Big thank you to the NRW-Forum and all people who supported us!

We’d like to share the first articles, pictures, videos etc. in a series of Blog-postings. Stay tuned for a better, more efficient and… a more sustainable ‪#‎Sustainica‬!

Planet B & Sustainica invites you

After more than a year of hard work, multitasking and networking we have come to a point  where we make our thoughts who to invite to the event. People with whom we have a special relationship with, good business contacts, suppliers and also friends and family. But of course – everyone is welcome to join the movement from 2 – 5 June.

It is also interesting how we build momentum in the last couple of weeks. Being out of the blue approached by interesting new people is a great experience and it gives myself, the team and the project as a whole the necessary confidence. So if you read this and you’re interested in Sustainica – let’s catch up soon!! : )

A look back before looking ahead

In the first six month of 2015 we were most of the time busy with fine-tuning the concept of Sustainica. It was (and is) important to define the exact niche market and also what kind of consumer groups we wanted to focus on. In July ’15 the Sustainable Lifestyle Initiative was finally established – the formal kick-off…

Till December ’15 we were primarily busy with finding collaborative partners, establishing a panel of experts, working with dedicated freelancers on the website and marketing matters and we did of course a lot of sales. Herewith an overview of the work we accomplished so far:

  • We already welcomed over 40 participating businesses & designers in the field of Sustainable lifestyle & Innovation
  • We closed partnerships with the NRW-Forum (curating art exhibition Planet B), City of Düsseldorf, UNEP 10YFP Consumer Information Programme, Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production gGmbH (CSCP) and UPS Deutschland
  • We brought together 4 multidisciplinary experts and a team of dedicated freelancers
    We have a partnership with Communication agency O3PR for marketing-and PR campaigns
  • We are partnering with Ecosign-Akademie für Gestaltung in Cologne, the German Federal Ecodesign Award in Berlin and Transnatural from Amsterdam
  • And we welcomed the first speakers for the Conference: Corsus | Corporate Sustainability, Ecosign-Akademie and Natrufied architecture

In 2016 we’re expecting to welcome many more businesses & designers to participate in the fair. We’re also planning to release an extra page on Sustainica dedicated to the conference. Beginning of February we begin with an intensive marketing-and PR campaign with Communication agency O3PR and parallel we start with the planning and positioning of the so far registered companies.

A lot is going on and more to come soon!

1st Press Release of Sustainica

Today, on 30 November, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf announced its program for the year 2016. Alain Bieber, the museum director, presented ten exciting exhibition formats including Sustainica.

“Also in 2016, the NRW-Forum Dusseldorf is a place for the highest artistic quality, experimentation and dialogue. It is critical and politically, glamorous and entertaining, virtual and futuristic. In solo and group exhibitions, retrospectives and new exhibition and event formats we show international artists and young experimental positions. We provide insight into the regional art scene, bring glitz and glamor into the house – and we will save the world.”

Press Release overview www.nrw-forum.de/presse/planet-b

I’m also very pleased that the Sustainable Lifestyle Initiative established a partnership with PR and marketing agency O3PR with offices in Düsseldorf and Sofia (Bulgaria) and more than 10 years of experience. A dedicated team of PR- and marketing experts are helping us out in putting together a media plan, establishing contacts and taking care of weekly-/monthly (online) campaigns.

The 1st Press Release is written and coordinated by O3PR in both English and German language:

Sustainica Press Release_20151130 | Sustainica Pressemitteilung_20151130

For press and media enquiries please contact PR agency O3PR
Ms. Linda Azar
Mobil: +49(0)176 3780 9744
E-mail: azar@o3bg.com

Fair, conference & art exhibition

Sustainica 2016 is the first project organised by the Sustainable Lifestyle Initiative. It comprehends an international consumer fair, conference & art exhibition for sustainable lifestyle and innovation.

From June 2 to June 5 2016Sustainica showcases innovative solutions for sustainable living at the NRW-Forum museum in Düsseldorf and is also host of the conference. Over four days, this high-level conference will provide a forum for candid discussion in an effort to widen the sustainability dialogue.

Sustainica Logo LArt exhibition Planet B, curated by the NRW-Forum, runs parallel with Sustainica from 2 June till 21 August. It deals with the profound changes of our planet – it searches for an alternative Plan B.

Communication, inspiration and the exchange of information takes place on various levels of consciousness. Our vision: to inspire consumers about a more sustainable and just society.

The brand Sustainica comes from the word sustainability and is a fictitious name. The logo includes the overarching theme of the project Sustainica & Planet B formulated in one sentence “The art of sustainability”. The logo also includes a triangle – the three pillars of sustainability – the basis of the concept.

Have a look at the project website www.sustainica.org and for questions drop us a line.